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Interactive Design

Mesmirizing and heartpounding interactive designs that grab and involve your customers with your brand

We believe that great designs encourage and allow customers to initiate and sustain conversations and activities with your brand. We do this for you by:

  • creating designs that are unique and consistent and identifiable to your brand
  • adaptable to different forms and formats
  • creating easy to navigate and/or operate materials
  • using consumer insight to maximize your products’ or services’ potential
Augmented Reality

As impressive Augmented Reality is, many still misuse it. It becomes nothing more than a one-off marketing stunt.

We design and implement AR that will:

  • begin a long term relationship building program with your customers
  • continue current brand building efforts to strengthen your image and customer relationship
  • leave a lasting impression on your customers
  • strengthen your brand positioning against your competitors

We will develop an AR that sells you, markets you and, more importantly, builds your brand.


There are very few companies in the world that offer this service and even fewer businesses that have used it to effectively market their brand.

We can create holograms to bring your product to life for road shows, exhibitions and guerrilla marketing efforts. Holograms are highly technical marketing campaigns. Our holograms are able to translate the warmth and personality of your products and brand by creating sophisticated and clean images

Multimedia Presentation

Everything you do and everything you say represents your business to the world. That’s why your multimedia presentations should be more than just a bunch of powerpoint slides put together. It should be a show and an exploration of your business’ vision, values and principles.

Whether it is for trade shows, conventions, sales pitch or smaller marketing efforts, we will tap all media that are necessary to create a product or company presentations makes an impact and delivers the right message. This includes video, audio, graphics and animation to maximize impact and help your audience understand your messages.

Your multimedia presentations will have:

  • depth to show the uniqueness and essence of your business
  • ground breaking graphics and other media to create a lasting impact on your audience
  • detailed guide to make it easy and convenient for you to make adjustments or scale it for other purpose as you desire
Interactive CDROM

We will create interactive CDROMs that will drive people to your site, encourage your customers to find out more about product and help in establishing your brand image to the market.

Your Interactive CDROMs is a multi-dimensional sales and marketing tool that will:

  • translate your marketing materials to a more intimate version which your customers can take home and access anywhere
  • link contents directly to your digital profile, website and other digital properties
Information Kiosk

Kiosks aren’t just information centres. It’s the most visible and accessible sales and customer relationship venue. Our kiosks will:

  • be an extension of your brand in look, feel and function
  • entice customers to approach for a more intimate interaction with your product or service
  • provide an efficient way for customers to access more information about you
  • entertain your customers through unique but simple devices, activities and media
Product Demo

The only way your customers will truly understand and appreciate your product or service is through experience it. We design and produce product demonstrations that will:

  • allow customers to personally discover your product or service through a simple, entertaining and guided activity
  • allow customers to experience or test your product or service on and/or off site
  • clearly highlight what makes your product or service unique and how it benefits your customers
  • build and strengthen your brand image
Sales Kits

You will have sales kits that turn questions to interest and interest to purchase. Based on your product strength and offers, we will design kits that will present your product as the answer to their current needs.

We make sales kits that are scalable to:

  • both retail and B2B needs
  • print and digital versions
  • different sizes and platforms

We know your business is unique with unique business objectives, company principle and product features. That’s why we will make sure that your sales kit ground breaking in design and content.

How we can work together.

IZONE Interactive designs create engaging, functional and complete digital solutions that would turn your visions to reality.

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