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Online Campaign

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We do top to bottom marketing and advertising strategic and tactical campaigns that are based on both numbers and creativity to maximize possible business impacts.

We start with the 3CS:

  • Client. Based on your briefing, we will determine and analyse how your product or service may be positioned to make it easier for you to achieve your business objectives
  • Consumers. We conduct extensive research to get to know your target market’s needs that have not been met and determine how your product or service may be position to complement your market
  • Competitors. We will get to know your competition for you. The better we can get to know their strengths and weaknesses, the easier for us to find opportunities.

Based on this we can create a comprehensive online campaign that will build your brand and sell your products with clear metrics to success.

Microsite Design

We can create microsites for your online tactical campaign to entice users to buy your product, sign up to your site for updates, participate in your promotions or to follow you on facebook, twitter or other social networking sites for a more intimate brand interaction.

Jumping off from your overall brand identity, we will develop a campaign with:

  • a unique and creative concept
  • great art direction
  • clear and witty copy
  • accurate brand message

We will do all this with a clear metrics to let your determine the effects of the campaign and measure its success.

Banner Ads

We will deliver the clicks. We will deliver the impact. We will create banner ads that will entertain your customers, pique their interest and get them talking about your brand.

After years of digital advertising experience and constant data interpretation, we know what kind of banner ads people are more likely to click. Using these insights and your business objectives, we will create ads that will rise above the clutter.

We can create static or interactive banner ads. We can take care of everything, from conceptualization to implementation or do portions of the process that you may require.


Personalization and customization. That’s what your business should bring to your customers and that’s what our EDM/Mailers will produce for you.

We will produce gripping copies and help in conceptualizing special offers and messages that your customers won’t be able to resist. It will be a surprise they will anticipate instead of a spam they won’t even read.

Your every EDM/Emailer will establish and will reinforce your branding and relationship with your customers.

Facebook App

There are more than 9 million Facebook applications. Each of these is geared towards capturing consumers in the hopes of establishing more intimate and regular conversations with them.

We know that it will take more than just technical efficiency to make your Facebook app work for you. It will take an App that truly provides your customers with their needs, exceeds their expectations and surprise them pleasantly.

We have access to data and consumer insights that will allow us to determine what kind of app your target market will most likely respond to.

Whatever the app concept may be, we will provide you with a fully functional management system that will allow you to control customer database and activity movement.


The secret to a successful newsletter is simple, quality content. We will produce e-newsletters that will motivate your customers to visit your site, subscribe to your updates and share it to their friends. We put information that is valuable to your customers and beneficial to your business.

Your e-newsletters will be more than just regular updates, it will become your much awaited special gift to your customers.

We can:

  • propose a plan on how to provide your customers better value for subscribing and staying subscribed to your newsletter
  • create newsletters that will respond to the email application your subscriber is using
  • create contents that will provide your subscribers the information they expect to get

How we can work together.

IZONE Interactive designs create engaging, functional and complete digital solutions that would turn your visions to reality.

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