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Web Design and Development

Grab your customers with your design and keep them with superior website experience

We build customer-centric websites. You will have a digital home that engages your customers, strengthens customer relationship and build a powerful image for your brand. We are all about superior user experience because we know that when someone lands on your website, you have approximately 3 seconds to convince him or her to stay. We do that by:

  • clearly laying out what your business offers and what sets you apart from the rest
  • an intelligent design that makes navigation easy

We offer the following services:

CMS/Content Management System

Security, flexibility, scalability and simplicity… those are the things you need in your website and those are what we offer you.

You can have a CMS that is intelligent and elegant platform that allows you to simplify but efficiently create, organize and manage your contents, files and data across different platforms. Your CMS will allow you to:

  • have a more efficient business process where communication is faster and managing files and contents is easier
  • update your website anytime and anywhere
  • have peace of mind knowing your files and data will never be compromised or lost
Customised Website

Your business is unique that offers unique benefits. The world needs to know that. Your site should reflect that and your contents should reassert that as well.

  • designed to optimize existing consumer behaviour
  • compatible with search engines and social media
  • runs your ecommerce and other tools to convert site traffic to regular customers

Your website will be poised to take your business to the next level and leave your competition behind.

Web Redesign

As Google, Facebook and other platforms evolve, websites are also forced to evolve in order to remain relevant and visible.

We will redesign your site to:

  • strengthen your brand
  • provide your visitors a more dynamic and interactive experience
  • make site navigation easier
  • improve your customer conversion

We will do this by:

  • improving your existing website by putting in new applications or improving contents to increase the relevance of your site
  • do a total overhaul that will involve creating a more simple but engaging website
E-Commerce Solution

At Izone interactive, we understand that your growth relies on having an e-commerce solution that is secure, fast, and reliable. We have the competence and experience that would allow us to identify and create an e-commerce solution that will have all features and characteristics of a good e-commerce solution without compromising the cost.

We go beyond payment system. We will take care of all your e-commerce needs including:

  • designing product pages that convert viewers to paying customers, visible to search engines and sharable
  • allowing you to access your report and control your inventory anytime and anywhere
  • adding, editing, deleting, uploading products photos with descriptions
  • setting up special promotion pricing
  • keeping track of the order and delivery status
  • sending eNewsletter to subscribers anytime and from anywhere
Flash Site

Stunning but fast loading graphics… irresistible features that will capture and engage customers… entertaining and unique elements… those are the things that you will have with our flash sites and applications.

You can go as crazy as you want without losing sight of the end goal of your business. To ensure this, we will use Adobe flash to create seamless and stunning graphics to facilitate more animation and front-end interactivity.

We can design an entire site using flash or implement flash only on portions of your site.

Web Application

Do you have any offline process that needs to be converted to web application? We can help.

We will design and build web applications that will:

  • solve different business process problems
  • make business operations more efficient and scalable

Our web applications are built with sophisticated codes that make it simple for you to use, scalable and usable across different platforms.

How we can work together.

IZONE Interactive designs create engaging, functional and complete digital solutions that would turn your visions to reality.

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